Date Published: 
June 2012
All rooms in our homes are not created equal. Such is the case with the kitchen, a room that draws us for some of the most important activities we experience at home. I asked John Starck, Jr., principal of Showcase Kitchens of New York, to give us some of his tips for lighting the room with efficiency and beauty—two aspects of design that are often seen as disparate. In his own words:
Lighting is a critical element in the design of any space, especially a kitchen where there is surely a variety of lighting needs. You will want to consider task lighting under cabinetry and decorative lighting to highlight the contents of your cabinets, but since much of the food preparation takes place on the center island, as in the examples shown, high-wattage work lighting is essential. Each design shows a variation on that theme, one using a chandelier, another using a more contemporary pendant with three connected lights, yet another with three individual pendants mounted in the ceiling, and the last having individual pendants with detailed glass surrounding the bulbs.

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