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January/February 2013

Despite their former kitchen’s very small size, the parties given by this Manhasset couple always ended up there. So before building their new transitional style dream kitchen, with adjoining family room, they planned carefully how to enhance that reality. “For the cabinetry in both rooms, we wanted someone to work with our architect, Tom Fox, who could pay attention to all the details – both design and layout,” says the wife. “John Starck of Showcase Kitchens, in Manhasset, came highly recommended. We worked with him for a long time while planning our home’s new extension. He was incredibly patient. And he worked extremely well with our architect. You can’t tell where John’s work stops and the architect’s begins.” Their architect adds that by designing similar details in both the kitchen and family room cabinetry, Starck helped create a visual axis that ties the two rooms together. “All the details merge into the next,” says Fox, “and the flow of space continues harmoniously. Cabinetry is critical because it is the feature that pulls your eye into a space. John spent many days looking at island schemes, for example. He didn’t come up with that in one shot.” A significant custom detail of that island is how the eating bar is cut out to allow for seats to be pushed underneath during buffet style parties, says the wife. “The island is not only the perfect place for our three children to sit at when doing homework, but it is also ideal to gather around when entertaining.”

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