long island pulse

Date Published: 
May 2013

Get the most from the hardest working room in your house.

The crown jewel of a home is the kitchen. Even if more time is spent sleeping in a bedroom and more people fit in the living room, the kitchen is the nerve center of a home. A well-designed kitchen should look great but its success depends on how well it caters to the cook and the lifestyle of the family. An intuitive space where technology is at arm’s reach has always been the hallmark of a properly designed kitchen. It’s easy to dive head first into handsome countertops and luxurious cabinets, but style is secondary to supporting a seamless system that starts with the machines that take food on its journey from storage to cooked meal.

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showcase kitchens

On this episode, it's a kitchen renovation you don't want to miss.
George visits the home of Scott and MaryAnne to surprise them with a space they can entertain in and spend quality time together.