Showcase Kitchens and Communities on Facebook

Given our history in the various communities of Long Island, on both the North and South shores, we decided to extend our involvement to online resources as well. In order to benefit the people and local businesses of these areas, we created three groups on Facebook: Manhasset HomeRoslyn Home and Massapequa Home. Our hope is that homeowners and businesses in the design and home improvement industries can come together to provide assistance, ask/answer questions, recommend professionals and share ideas, products or services. We also encourage you, as the homeowner, to post pictures of your projects, along with any other forms of inspiration. 
Attention business owners: Any advertisements for related personal businesses must be made into a document or file, and edited no more than 1x a month. If a member is seeking design advice, business owners may COMMENT within the members post, with photos and/or information about their item or service which specifically relates to the request.

Feel free to post fun and informative EVENTS which relate to home decorating. Please do not post anything pertaining to non-related contests, fundraisers, or events.

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showcase kitchens

On this episode, it's a kitchen renovation you don't want to miss.
George visits the home of Scott and MaryAnne to surprise them with a space they can entertain in and spend quality time together.