Our Partners’ Praises

As much as we depend upon our “team approach” internally, we also embrace it externally.  We enjoy and invite collaborations with our trusted trade – architects, contractors, remodelers and interior designers – on a regular basis.  We believe collaborations bring out the best in us and bring the best to our clients as well.  Partnering has also brought us our most valuable and long-term relationships. Who is better qualified to attest to the 5 important benefits of collaboration with Showcase Kitchens than our trusted partners?

1.    Integrity

“As a feature writer, perhaps what has most impressed me is what other design professionals have said of John Starck in the course of my interviews.  One interior designer of distinction said she would rather work with Starck and Showcase Kitchens above any other custom cabinetry designer and manufacturer.  Still another said, in addition to his obvious creative talent, it is his integrity she cherishes the most.”  June Sullivan, design writer Writing by June

"I have known John and the staff at Showcase Kitchens for 15 years.  We have had the pleasure of collaborating on several projects over the years. I am always thrilled when I learn that Showcase is on board to handle the cabinetry because I know that John and his staff will work tirelessly to make sure every detail is attended to.  When building custom, occasionally something will go amiss.  That's just the industry we work in..but John is unwavering in his commitment to resolve the issue and secure that our mutual clients are happy with the end result. The showroom is beautifully designed and highlights the newest innovations in kitchen design. I highly recommend Showcase Kitchens."    Annemarie diSalvo, diSalvo Interiors 

2.    Expertise

“I have worked as a vendor for John, at various companies, for 25 years.  He is one of the top professionals in our industry.” Tom Esposito, consultant/contractor Tom Esposito Associates

“I have dealt with John Starck on several projects. He and his staff were highly professional & creative beyond my expectations. I highly recommend him. I have used his services on several occasions and the end results were always fantastic. Five Star Rating in my opinion!”  Salvatore Tomaselli, Professional Mortgage Solutions, Inc.

3.    Commitment

“We have been working together for three years and I must admit that it is not easy to find a professional so fully in love with his job – design is a passion and John is a passionate and reliable person.  It’s an honor being Messrs Showcase Kitchens business partner.”  Chiara Martini, Export Area Manager, CESAR Sp/A

"I am an architect on Long Island and have been working with Showcase Kitchens for the past 10 years.  I recommend them to my clients because of John Stark's design sensibility and his attentive staff.  I chose them recently for my own kitchen renovation and was extremely happy with the results.  They are a quality organization!"   Bruce Spenadel , Architect 

4.    Professionalism

“Professionalism, from the moment I entered the showroom. I felt that everyone on staff was accountable to me, and was responsible for a smooth transition from my design right through to the completion of this dream room for our clients. My husband and I run our company the same way; so we really appreciate the care John Starck, Jr. pays to our design, the logistical wizardry of Anthony Starck and the follow up on execution that John Starck, Sr. takes in assuring a great product. Thank you all, looking forward to our next project.” Vita Burdi, designer and consultant DJ’s Home Improvements

5.    Collaborative Spirit

“John Starck is an energetic, positive kitchen design professional and businessman who has the relatively rare attribute of know when to ask for help and having no ego problem ever getting in his way.” 
Scott Stultz, consulting designer Premier Custom-Built, Inc.


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