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Appliances are a big part of kitchen design. After all, you use your refrigerator, microwave, oven, and dishwasher on a daily basis. You want kitchen appliances that not only look good, but also are of the highest quality that can withstand the constant opening and closing of doors, little hands that may or may not shut the refrigerator or microwave oven door, and that can be counted on to cook the Thanksgiving turkey.

Showcase Kitchens in Long Island creates beautiful custom kitchens for our clients. Whether you know exactly what you want down to the placement of the custom kitchen island or you only have a vague idea of the look and feel of the kitchen you desire, our custom kitchen designers have decades of experience in bringing visions to reality. With kitchen showrooms in both Manhasset and Massapequa, you can get a better idea of what you may like as well. With a custom kitchen design, you’ll gain the knowledge and experience of our custom kitchen designers who will create a custom kitchen that features your kitchen appliances. 

Showcase Kitchens has an appliance specialist who can help to secure the lowest rates for all of the top kitchen appliance brands, such as Sub Zero and Wolf, Miele, and La Cornue. Below, we’ll discuss the value in investing in high-end kitchen appliances, as well as some of the benefits. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!

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  • Stylish and trendy. Luxury appliances are more stylish and trendy, with sleek designs and finishes that are extremely elegant and refined. For example, you can invest in twice the refrigerator space with a French door refrigerator, which will not only give your kitchen a modern flair, but will be customizable to suit your needs. You can configure the freezer as you see fit and make it larger or smaller. Luxury dishwashers have cool features such as interior lighting so you can see to unload it. This is helpful late at night, early in the morning, or during the long winters where naturally lighting is limited. Furthermore, a lot of high-end kitchen appliances can be hidden if so desired behind panels that match your cabinetry, giving your custom kitchen a more cozy feel. Colors can even be customized, as well as handles, trim, and other details just not possible with lower end appliances. When you partner with Showcase Kitchens in Long Island for your custom kitchen design, we can help you choose the style of luxury kitchen appliances that will perfectly complement your new kitchen. Get started today!

  • Perform better. Being that you are paying a premium for high-end kitchen appliances, this doesn’t mean all of that extra cost is for aesthetics only. You are also paying for increased performance of your kitchen appliances. Many of these kitchen appliances will last longer, undergo more rigorous testing, and have less maintenance issues, meaning less inconveniences for you when the refrigerator stops working in the middle of July. Many high-end ovens deliver the most consistent, even heat to prevent overcooking or uneven cooking. They are also better insulated to keep in the heat, which results in less time for preheating purposes. This can be a life-saver when you need to get dinner made, and everyone is starving!

  • Eco-friendly. Because so many people nowadays are looking to lessen their carbon footprint on the environment, companies are taking note, including luxury appliance companies. Luxury appliances are more energy-efficient, which will save you money on electric bills. Furthermore, high-end dishwashers use less water, which not only save you money on utility bills, but also uses less water, which helps the environment as a whole.

  • Increase home prices. Think about the last time you bought a home or even visited a friend’s house. Odds are, you noticed if they had high-end luxury appliances or not, and it probably made you more likely to lean toward purchasing that home over others that did not have high-end kitchen appliances. Appraisers also take in the value of your kitchen appliances as well, which can help in the event of a refinance. High-end appliances can often sell a house faster, which is handy if you’re relocated to another state. With Showcase Kitchen’s luxury appliance expert in Long Island, we can help you choose the right high-end appliances to meet your needs. Partner with us today!

  • Easy to use. Most luxury kitchen appliances are made with the user in mind after years of feedback from their customers. Thus, they are intuitive and a breeze. Your luxury refrigerator should slide open and closed like a breeze, and your high-end dishwasher should be almost soundless when washing and should dry every dish perfectly. The time and convenience saved when you use high-end kitchen appliances itself is worth its weight in gold.

  • State-of-the-art features. Luxury kitchen appliances have features that your average, everyday appliances do not. Features such as rotisseries in ovens, built-in refrigeration, or built-in grills on top of your range is only offered by top brands, such as Sub Zero and Wolf, Miele, and La Cornue. Some dishwashers have built-in water filters and some ranges have the ability to capture smoke and other food odors from cooking right at the cooking surface, eliminating a need for the oven hood. Some refrigerators also now feature a vacation mode and a Sabbath mode, which uses less energy as the refrigerator now knows you won’t be using it very often. Even if you only use these and other features occasionally, they are definitely nice to have when you do need them.

  • Better customer service. From start to finish and beyond, you’ll get better customer service when you invest in luxury kitchen appliances. Usually, the sales staff are more knowledgeable than at other regular appliance stores and can answer all of your questions on the pros and cons. And if you do have a maintenance issue, many of the high-end luxury appliances offer personalized and immediate response to problems. When you partner with Showcase Kitchen in Long Island to create a custom kitchen, you’ll be guaranteed personal attention and immediate answers to all of your questions, as well as guidance every step of the way. Call us today!

  • Cool to look at. When you have refrigerated drawers and a high-end microwave that blends in with your nautical-themed kitchen, you enjoy looking at your kitchen, walking through your kitchen, and working in your kitchen. A luxury kitchen can be completed and pristine when high-end appliances are added. Furthermore, having luxury appliances can be a way to show you’re worth it. After all, you work hard for your money; why not celebrate it with the best?

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If you are looking for a custom kitchen remodel in Long Island, look no further than Showcase Kitchens. We’ve been created amazing kitchens since 1933 and have no plans of ever stopping. Family-owned and operated, Showcase Kitchens in Long Island continues to put the customer first, from the first consultation to the minute details that will make your kitchen remodel pop.

As the center of the family and of entertainment, you want a top-notch kitchen that is easy to use and comfortable to be in. Creating a custom kitchen of your dreams, such as partnering with Showcase Kitchens in Manhasset & Massapequa, can make all your family get togethers easy, can make having friends over a pleasure, and can make having a late-night snack fun.

With Showcase Kitchen’s appliance specialist, you can be guaranteed of a superb custom kitchen appliances at the best rates for top appliance brands, such as  Sub Zero and Wolf, Miele, and La Cornue. If you use your kitchen a lot, high-end appliances can be a life saver. From start to finish, your custom kitchen design will be what you’ve always dreamed. Stop into our showrooms in Manhasset and Massapequa, and contact us today to get started!