The Benefits of a custom Kitchen Design

You spend a decent portion of your day in your kitchen. On average, Americans spend a little over 30 minutes preparing food and cleaning up and just over an hour a day eating. While this may not sound like much, when you add this up over the course of a year’s time, you’re spending about 23 days out of the year in your kitchen. And if you love to cook and bake, this time could easily double. Showcase Kitchens in Long Island creates custom kitchen designs that not only suit your needs and desires, but flow with the rest of your home, imbibing warmth and harmony to your home. Below, we’ll go over the benefits of a custom kitchen design, and if you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, contact us today for a free kitchen design remodel.


One of the first rooms to be redesigned by homeowners is their kitchen. Because the kitchen is so central to most your life as the place where you cook, clean, eat, entertain, work, and socialize, it’s a focal point and one most homeowners want to make comfortable and personal. But where do you start?

  • The kitchen is not the place to become a DIY’er. With the plethora and proliferation of home flipping TV shows and remodeling shows, you may have the impression that anyone can remodel their kitchen. After all, it’s easy. However, all of those TV shows are showing you the before, the after, and maybe a little in-between. What they don’t show you is all the sweat, blood, and tears that can go into a home remodel when you have never done one before. Custom kitchen designs have a huge learning curve. Managing subcontractors, obtaining materials, deciding on fixtures, scheduling deliveries, and overseeing the work is no walk in the park. And if you’re like most of us, you lead an incredibly busy life, full of work, family, kids’ activities, and your activities. Throw in the curveballs life continually throws us, and odds are you don’t have time to manage a kitchen remodel. Showcase Kitchens in Long Island has the knowledge, the know-how, and the gumption to create your custom kitchen design with little hassle on your part.

  • You’re hiring custom kitchen design knowledge. If you want to DIY kitchen remodel, what kind of kitchen do you want? What colors will look best? What about fixtures, kitchen islands, and kitchen countertops? When you hire a custom kitchen designer such as Showcase Kitchens, you’re hiring their experience and their know-how. Most custom kitchen designers have the contacts and relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, and tradespeople that a homeowner such as yourself will never have. When hiccups occur (which they always do), your custom kitchen designer will know how to deal with them. They will know how to get your luxury kitchen design finished on time.

  • You’re hiring custom kitchen design. Unless you’re a professional interior designer, chances are you have no idea about materials, colors, accents, aesthetics, functionality, and style. After all, as long as you stay in your home for a while, your kitchen remodel is something you’re going to have to live with — and you want to get it right the first time instead of wasting precious time and resources on guesses and re-starts. When you consult with a custom kitchen designer such as Showcase Kitchens in Long Island, they will discover your most pressing needs and wants in a kitchen, discover your style,  and use your input to create the best possible kitchen for you. Using the space you have, your custom kitchen designer will always have your best interests at heart. One more added bonus: your amazing custom kitchen designer knows the local real estate market. They know not only how to maximize your dollars, but also how to design a kitchen with the highest resale value. A custom kitchen design can increase the value of your home exponentially compared to other home improvement projects.

  • You’re hiring an expert in kitchen remodeling costs. Your custom kitchen designer knows exactly how much materials cost, such as granite countertops and copper highlights that you’ve always wanted. He or she can accurately predict the cost of your kitchen items.

  • You’re hiring a neutral third party. Because your kitchen is such an important part of your home, you may be in disagreement with your spouse over the design. What if you want blue walls and your spouse wants yellow? You want granite, but your spouse thinks tile may be best. You like stainless steel appliances, but your spouse likes black. Your custom kitchen designer can act as the voice of reason, not taking sides, and giving you his or her honest opinion on what will look the best, what will have the best resale value, and will assist in compromises.

  • You’re hiring a decision maker. There are literally thousands of options when it comes to custom kitchen designs. From modern designs to traditional designs to the themed designs, custom kitchens vary as much as the homeowners. Your custom kitchen designer can help you sort through your ideas and goals and come up with the perfect plan and execution based on expert information and informed decisions. When you’re stumped, he or she can offer up options and help you narrow them down. Unsure where to obtain samples? He or she can help.

  • You’re hiring a budget expert. Custom kitchen remodels can be expensive. Most homeowners have a budget they want to shoot for. When you sit down with your custom kitchen designer for a consultation, he or she can guide you and help you prioritize what you want most for your budget. Your kitchen can look like it cost a million dollars when it actually didn’t with a custom kitchen designer.

  • You’re hiring someone else to do the work. Once all of the custom kitchen design decisions have been made, it’s time to get to work. As the homeowner who hired a custom kitchen designer, you can effectively wash your hands of the kitchen remodel, sit back in your living room, and literally watch the work happen. All the worry and stress is gone, helping you to focus more on your job and giving you more time to do what you want to do, such as go boating with the fam.

  • You’re hiring an expert in kitchen efficiency. When laying out a kitchen, you want access to everything you’ll need at your fingertips. You want the knives to be where you keep the cutting boards, the spoons and forks handy, the lazy Susans easily accessible, and the refrigerator to not block the stove. A professional custom kitchen designer, such as Showcase Kitchens, is an expert in knowing where to put storage items, pull out drawers, and aptly designed custom kitchen cabinets. He or she know the common mistakes kitchen remodelers can make, as well as the best solution to the problems. Furthermore, if you’re looking for energy efficiency, your custom kitchen designer is an expert in task lighting and smart track lighting with LED bulbs to eliminate the need for excess lighting.

  • You’re hiring a problem solver. With any kind of work that relies on someone else or something else, the inevitables always happen. A shipment is delayed, causing your custom kitchen island work to stop. A contractor is sick, pushing out your demolition date. The new kitchen sink you ordered doesn’t fit with the hole cut, causing either a new hole to be cut or a new sink to be ordered. Your custom kitchen designer will deal with all of these problems as they arise, and solve them timely, efficiently and effortlessly.

  • You’re creating a kitchen to last. With a custom kitchen design by a professional such as Showcase Kitchens, you’re going to have the highest-quality materials with the best design for your space. Your kitchen won’t be dated; it will be timeless. Your custom kitchen design will be flexible enough for you to move items around in the future, yet still be classic in design as well as low maintenance to fit your busy lifestyle. All the craftsmanship will be excellent, and the time will be taken to do everything right. Custom kitchen designers don’t take shortcuts, and don’t rest until you are 100 percent gleeful.

You want your kitchen to sing to others like birds sing to the spring dawn. Your custom kitchen is the place you make your way to in your bathrobe in the middle of the night for warm milk for your son who can’t go to sleep. It’s the place you stumble to in the morning, looking for that first cup of coffee that starts your day. Your custom kitchen will be the place you sing happy birthday to your kids in, the place you eat Thanksgiving dinner, and the place you play board games with your family at night. It may be the place you work from, the place you make your phone calls, and the place your cat cuddles. Your custom kitchen may be the place to retreat to for comfort food when the nights are long, or the place you turn to when the world weighs you down. It may be the place you have coffee with a friend, or the place your kid confesses a lie. Your kitchen may be the heart and soul of your home. Your custom kitchen will be a room in your home where many memories are formed. Don’t you want it to be perfect?

Showcase Kitchens serves the good people of Long Island. We have showrooms in both Manhasset and Massapequa, so you can begin to get ideas to create your own custom kitchen. We understand how much of a headache a kitchen remodel can be. Our mission is to give you a custom kitchen design painlessly and worry-free that you’ll cherish forever. Your priorities take center stage with custom kitchen design.

Showcase Kitchens has almost a century of experience at your disposal to create the kitchen of your dreams. We are available to answer any questions you may have throughout the custom kitchen design and remodeling process. Our custom kitchen designs combine functionality, aesthetics, and style to fit you. Contact us today for your free custom kitchen consultation!