With Trade Professionals

A custom kitchen remodel doesn’t happen alone. There are many people with their hands in the pot, so to speak, from the custom kitchen designers, plumbers, and electricians to the trade professionals, paint professionals, and appliance specialists. Many times the efficiency of your custom kitchen and the ending result is a testament to how well everyone communicates and works together to bring you the kitchen of your dreams, complete with top-of-the-line kitchen appliances, custom kitchen island, and designer cabinets.

Showcase Kitchens based in Long Island offers the best custom kitchen designs. We’ve been designing kitchens since 1933 and absolutely love bringing your vision to life. We have two showrooms in Manhasset and Massapequa for you to peruse and gather ideas for your custom kitchen. Kitchens are definitely where the heart is, and when you prepare delicious home-cooked meals for your family in a beautiful space that is suited to your tastes and your needs, you’ll never want to leave. Below, we’ll dive into a bit more depth about our collaboration with trade professionals for your custom kitchen design. Contact us today!


As mentioned above, we couldn’t do what we do, which is bringing you the best kitchen of your dreams, without help. Showcase Kitchens has a Professional Partner Program where we work collaboratively with trade professionals who come to them for a service, but then need more. From architects, interior designers, and art consultants, Showcase Kitchens offers the best trade discounts, which can then be passed along to their clients. Below is just a sample of who we work with.


Many homeowners and business owners have their home, business, or office custom designed. Their first stop is usually an architect. An architect is someone who plans, designs, and then helps implement the construction of buildings or rooms. Many architects have backgrounds in civil engineering, construction, urban planning, and project management. While architects offer amazing designs and services, they often have little to do with the internal design aspects. With regards to custom kitchens, they don’t have a lot of experience with custom kitchen islands, cabinets, or even layouts. Hence, many architects contact Showcase Kitchens in Long Island when a customer has a particular idea or look in mind for their kitchen. Most architects stick to the framing of your home, not the interior design aspects of it.

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Interior designer

Like the name states, interior designers design the interior of your home, business, or office. Hence, once the architect has finished planning your home and the builder has finished building it, it’s time for the internal designer to give shape to the inside of your home, make it usable, functional, and overall aesthetically pleasing. Interior designers handle all of the design elements of your home or office, or of a particular room, for instance. They pick out paint colors, lighting, and flooring. They have an eye for spatial arrangements and decorating. They also can bring a certain flavor, if you will, to a space, such as a modern or a retro look.

However, when it comes to custom kitchens, many interior designers feel a bit overwhelmed with the process. Many custom kitchen designs call for a complete gutting of your kitchen and an entire new build from scratch. From rearranging islands, appliances, counters, and cabinets, there’s a lot to know about custom kitchen design that many interior designers don’t specialize in. You can think of an interior designer as a generalist, while a custom kitchen designer is a specialist in one area: kitchens. Hence, Showcase Kitchens in Long Island partners with many interior designers to bring you the kitchen of your dreams.


There are many behind the scenes contractors that work with Showcase Kitchens in the Long Island area that, without them, a custom kitchen design would be cumbersome indeed. We work with a custom color technician to bring you the perfect color combinations to evoke the exact mood you are seeking. We have our own appliance specialist who will help you decide which appliances will suit you and your needs the best, as well as where to place your appliances in your custom kitchen to best meet your use. Our appliance specialist also helps you secure the best prices for top-of-the-line appliance names, such as Sub Zero, Wolf, and Miele. We work with electricians in order to wire your lighting just right and plumbers in order to have your custom kitchen island in just the right spot. From the drywall installers to the heating and air conditioning technicians, there are a lot of people who contribute to your custom kitchen being amazing.


As we’ve stated before, often existing kitchens are gutted and the building (either your home or office) is expanded, in which case a builder will be required. A builder is one who is responsible for the framing of your home, as well as its structural integrity. They oversee, coordinate, and work on your home or office till completion. From carpentry work to welding, they themselves are a jack-of-all-trades. They pour the foundation and ensure all the right permits are pulled. They also advise on just how far your kitchen expansion should go. Builders bring an eye to detail with regards to kitchen layout as well. Showcase Kitchens often partners with builders to bring you the best custom kitchens in the Long Island area.

Art consultants

Art says a lot about who you are and your tastes. Art also can set style, mood, and bring a dash of color that will brighten up a wall or even a whole room. Art is interesting, and when your eyes land on artwork, they often brighten, and the art washes away any worry or anxiety you may be carrying.

Art consultants specialize in how art can affect your mood and set the tone of a room. They help you select and acquire art for your home, business, or office. Art is most frequently oil paintings, but art also consists of drawings, photographs, and sculptures. Art advisors have years of looking at art, studying art, attending art auctions, and know the art market in New York very well. Once they know your taste and what you’re looking for, they procure the artwork for you. This can be worth its weight in gold since art can be extremely tricky to set a value to, and if you don’t understand how to differentiate between the quality of artwork, you could be overpaying for art that in the end is worth a fraction of what you paid for it — or buying art that doesn’t match your taste or style.

Showcase Kitchens on Long Island works with many art consultants to accessorize your custom kitchen and ensure it’s exactly what you want.


Showcase Kitchens believes a custom kitchen design is a collaboration amongst the best builders, art consultants, appliance specialists, architects, interior designers, and contractors to bring you the kitchen of your dreams. We understand that you want a kitchen you can enjoy for years, and our mission is to achieve that goal of yours by leveraging the knowledge, skills, and talent of experts in the Long Island area. A custom kitchen designer has years of designing kitchens (in the case of Showcase Kitchens, we have over 85 years) and can make the most of your kitchen layout and amenities. Furthermore, we often think of things you don’t based off our years of helping others make their kitchens magic. Touches that make all the difference, such as a wine rack or a hidden storage bin, can make all the difference.

Once our custom kitchen design is complete, it’s time to get to work. And that’s when the fun begins. Contact Showcase Kitchens for your custom kitchen design in the Long Island area, or visit one of our showrooms in Massapequa or Manhasset to see the latest in European tile, stone, countertops, and flooring today!