Michael Radovic- From His Kitchen to Yours

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It is easy to see why clients absolutely adore Michael Radovic, the motivated and talented Senior Designer at Showcase Kitchens. With an array of varied projects underway, customers sing his praises, during the design process and surely after installation. His designs demonstrate more than just marvelous taste. With 20 years of experience in the luxury kitchen industry, Michael makes sure to keep up with the ever-changing trends, not the flash-in-the-pan fads. Vital to his success is the keen attention he pays to clients’ preferences, offering the right amount of guidance for each, but also makes sure that every kitchen he designs will transcend time.

Michael takes great care in selection of the focal points; hoods and center island, for example, maintaining a versatile approach to materials and genre. He boasts a repeat and enthusiastic word-of-mouth clientele from all over New York and even beyond, evidenced in his current projects in Florida and North Carolina. From cosmopolitan and sophisticated Manhattan style to the beachy chic kitchens in the Hamptons, Michael simply loves what he does.

A family man himself, Michael believes the family as a whole should enjoy the kitchen. “The kitchen is the heart of the house,” according to Michael “It’s where my wife and I get together and create amazing meals for our friends and family to enjoy– it just brings the whole family together.” From his kitchen to yours, clients agree that he his designs enhance livability - with exceptional results.

Alicia Friscia