Little League Sponsorships

showcase kitchens sponsorship
showcase kitchens sponsorship little league

 Both Showcase locations, in Manhasset and Massapequa have sponsored Little League Baseball teams for Spring 2017. Showcase Kitchens North sponsors the Muck Dogs, a boys first grade team which is also coached by Showcase CEO, John Starck. The Muck Dogs, part of the Manhasset Baseball league, play at the Manhasset Valley baseball field, right down the street from Showcase Kitchens and Showcase Baths.

Showcase South sponsors the Showcase Kitchens Nationals, a Little League team which plays in the 'majors division' of the Massapequa Coast Little League. The Showcase Kitchens Nationals play at Burns Park and hold a 6-3-1 record. 

We are proud to be be involved in these organizations and will continue to do so in the future. Good luck to both teams on finishing the season strong!

Alicia Friscia