Move Over White

Showcase Kitchens says "Move Over White"

America loves a white kitchen.  We get it.  White's clean, simple and orderly - and, even devotees have to agree, a bit of a no-brainer.

At Showcase Kitchens, there's a new color trend - CUSTOM COLORS.  In today's world where consumers want what no one else has, personalizing cabinet color is easier than ever - for any color under the sun.  New color-matching technology specifically formulated for wood cabinetry makes this possible


Michael Radovic, CKD and Senior Designer at Showcase Kitchens, selected a dusty mauve for this Great Neck kitchen, delivering a big impact in this smaller space.  Custom configuration of the frosty granite countertop and glass mosaic backsplash augments this family kitchen.

Showcase Kitchens Program Partner Blends her Two Loves
Spotlight on Annie Mandelkern - Interior Designer & Artist

Long-time Showcase Kitchens collaborator, Annie Mandelkern, is both a visual artist and interior designer. For many years, she sought to redefine herself as either an artist or a designer.  Happily, Annie recently came to accept herself as both - - which in turn helped to her appreciate the singular approach brought to both crafts.  Homes and canvases are both blank slates; both work best when visualized in layers


The first layer is balance. Balancing the furniture on a floor plan is like balancing compositions on canvas.  According to Annie, she always has a sense of both when approaching a room or a painting before pencil touches paper, or floor plan developed.  Are both sides visually equal?  Is the eye drawn too much to one area?  Does the flow feel natural?  The next layer is texture.  Mandelkern varies textures to make spaces come alive.  In design, rough linen and smooth leather create dimension and depth.  In artwork, heavy gesso is often the foundation for whatever the piece may go. The final layer is color.  Color brings vibrancy and contrast (or, sometimes an intentional lack thereof). Palette and placement are the final keys to a successful painting a a beautifully-designed room.

Annie Mandelkern is a mother of three with a practice in Port Washington

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