Our Process

auto cad drawings sketch of traditional kitchen

Getting into the process of building, remodeling or expanding your kitchen has the potential to be daunting and overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to have a great understanding of what the process will entail when working with Showcase.

On our website, we have developed a step by step process that will give you a better sense of what to expect. This resource will also show you Showcase's unique approach to each client. No matter the project's size, we employ a 'team' method, where our entire design staff contributes their individual expertise so to ensure the finished product is second to none. Our process is what allows us to stay innovative and successful in this industry after over 80 years. After you review our process, check out our Long Island kitchen design team.

We take pride in providing you a 'smooth' process that will allow you to enjoy the kitchen of your dreams without enduring the stress that is normally associated with home-renovation projects. Accompanying the info is a slideshow of each step in the design process that showcases our dedication to each design.

To get a clear understanding of a client’s specific design needs, our designers hold private consultative meetings, asking for their input.  While other design firms start with generating computerized designs, our designers are artisans who use old-world craftsmanship to create initial, hand-drawn renderings before converting them to detailed engineered plans, using state-of-the-art, computer-assisted design programs.  This distinct, two-stage process not only generates greater creativity and unique designs, but also enables clients to visualize what their project will look like upon completion.

Showcase Kitchens employs a hands-on, “team” approach that assures that our entire design staff participates in each project with each member lending their expertise. This system keeps our design team innovative, keeps projects running smoothly and ensures that no detail goes unnoticed.  Showcase Kitchens offers personal jobsite supervision and outstanding support services from preliminary concept design to installation and beyond.

Alicia Friscia