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The size, color, shape and style of the refrigerator can make or break the aesthetic of your new kitchen.  Brenna Malmberg, a Houzz contributor and editor, offers a look at seven kitchens with statement-making fridges, and how to utilize this all-important appliance to make the room 'pop'.

The full article can be found here, but shown below are a few of Showcase's favorites from the list. We felt these refrigerators' colors were a perfect complement to other aspects of the kitchen, though as you can see from the images and descriptions, the two appliances succeed at doing so in very different ways. To see some of how we at Showcase utilize the refrigerator, check out some of our design portfolios

"Splash of Red in a Gray-and-White Space 

Kitchen size: 65 square feet (6 square meters)

Why this fridge: The clients wanted to inject color into the neutral palette, says Joe Ridout, principal designer at Williams Ridout. The design team turned to a red Smeg refrigerator to give the room a large block of color. 

Overall design: The neutral elements come from pieces such as the Twyford sink, custom countertop made of DuPont’s Corian in Cameo White, and cabinets painted in Mercury from Fired Earth. The design team also added smaller splashes of red throughout the rest of the room, such as in the wall art and other small appliances.

Baby Blue Beauty in a Cottage Kitchen

Kitchen size: 161 square feet (14.9 square meters)

Why this fridge: Nigel Jenkins, director of GR8 Property Services, wanted to use it as the focal point in this small kitchen. To do that, he guided the clients toward picking a colored option, something that’s not typical. The clients loved the idea and chose a baby blue fridge to serve as the star. “The fridge brought life to this kitchen,” Jenkins says. 

Overall design: The back of the home and a wall were opened up to make room for the kitchen, and the design team gave it a diner feel. They chose a Crittall metal-framed door and windows, subway tiles and reclaimed-wood surfaces. Those changes along with the colorful refrigerator make the space feel larger, Jenkins says. "


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