Then & Now


Showcase Kitchens has come a long way since our early days in Brooklyn back in the 1930s.  From the days of pulling up to a home with a truckload of birch plywood boards to make cabinets on site, to today’s artfully-crafted, one-of-a-kind designer kitchens. Gone are the linoleum countertops, replaced by cutting board quality woods and either natural stone or stronger than strong man-made surfaces – with a seemingly unlimited choice of color and style. 

Then, visibility meant an emboldened Yellow Pages ad; today, the internet has changed everything.  We are proud to announce that after 10 months in production, Showcase Kitchens has finally launched their new and greatly improved website.  Visit Our Roots to read the story of our 80+ year history creating beautiful, livable kitchens. See current projects with in-depth profiles, a detailed breakdown of our design and build process and services, our many product lines, valuable design tips and invaluable testimonials.  We’d love to hear your comments.

Alicia Friscia