Whitehaus redefines style with gothichaus sink

The Whitehaus Collection Farmhaus Fireclay WHFLGO3318(link is external) is a Reversible Series double bowl fireclay sink with a Gothichaus front apron on one side and a fluted front apron on the opposite side. The benefits of a fireclay sink are numerous. Fireclay is clay capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, so it creates an extremely durable sink. It won’t scratch, stain or chip, nor will it be affected by thermal shock. It’s a timeless piece in both style and functionality. Installing your sink as a front apron also has its own benefits. It is easier to reach the sink because it is not recessed into the counter, which is ideal for families with children or disabilities. It also allows for better posture when doing dishes and cleaning. With a Farmhaus Fireclay sink, you have the choice of four different finishes: White, Biscuit, Black and Sapphire Blue. Each color enhances a different style kitchen.

The Reversible Series is extremely beneficial in terms of style and monetary value; you basically get two sinks for the price of one. If something happens to the front apron of your sink, or you simply get bored of the style, you can easily flip it around and create a brand new look. It will completely change the design and feel of the room. What’s extremely unique about the WHFLGO3318 front apron sink is its design. The gothic swirl design is patented by Whitehaus Collection(link is external), so you know you’re getting a one-of-a-kind sink.

Alicia Friscia