2017 Home Design Trends from Houzz

  Fellow Houzz contributor, Mitchell Parker, recently compiled a ‘what to expect’ list in regard to home design trends. The Houzz editorial staff gathered Houzz data, researched what content was popular on the site, and took input from some of the industry’s most prominent leaders.

     Many of their insights highlight new trends that are especially pertinent to our favorite room in the house – the kitchen. In his work, Parker indicates satin brass, storage walls, greenery and counter-depth refrigerators will play a bigger part in home design in this new year.

     Listed below, are the kitchen design trends to look forward to in 2017, as researched by the Houzz team. For the full list, click here.

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“Satin brass. Brass finishes have been making a comeback in recent years, cherished for their ability to bring shiny golden tones to a space without the high price tag. But more recently, designers like Elizabeth Lawson have been turning away from the reflective finish of polished brass and embracing satin or brushed brass, which is more muted and warm.

 “I especially like a satin brass finish because it’s transitional and can complement a number of styles,” says Lawson, who used the finish in the kitchen shown here. “It also looks amazing against almost any color of the rainbow. I think we’ll continue to see rooms with satin brass for quite some time and also possibly mixed with other finishes for a more eclectic look.”

“Hardworking kitchen storage walls. In search of more open space, many homeowners and designers are doing away with expanses of upper cabinets and pushing all that storage onto a single hardworking wall. This one-stop hub frees up the rest of the space to create a breezy look.”

“Greenery. Pantone’s verdant color of the year for 2017, Greenery, seems to be an instant hit for those looking for a revitalizing, back-to-nature hue that brings zest while still managing to work with warm wood tones.”

“Counter-depth fridges. For small to modest-size kitchens, remodeling is often a game of inches. Counter-depth refrigerators sit flush with adjacent cabinetry and countertops, freeing up just a bit more space while creating a streamlined look.”

Alicia Friscia