10 Tips on your Business Page

Facebook has changed the way we network - forever.  This is a very good thing; a marketing shift that levels the playing field, and gives every company, small to large, the ability to really engage their current and prospective customers. Gone are the days you would walk into a business event, meeting, or function, usually with an adhesive name tag, stack of business cards, possibly an opening line, and a smile.  After introducing yourself to someone, you would commit that person’s name to your memory, have a brief conversation, exchange business cards, and follow up with a phone call or email the next day.  You would never walk into that room and tell everyone that your half-price sale started today or that your year-end clearance was going on now.  You socialized and traded valuable information about your industry, made lasting connections, and recommended colleagues in other fields.  

So how does this relate to your Facebook Business Page?  Are your posts only about you and your products?  Do you only post about your sales, specials, and events?  Are you interacting with other companies in your industry?  Are you responding and engaging with your customers? Is your page one sided? Are you being Social on your Facebook Business Page?

Here are 10 Tips for Being Social on your Business Page:

1. Share valuable information.  Education, resources, inside scoops, DIY’s, How-Tos, anything you think your fan base would appreciate.

2. Interact with your customers.  Always reply to their comments and address them by name. Always respond to any concerns especially the negative ones.

3. Ask your fan base questions, ask for their opinions, and ask for reviews.  Always thank them for their feedback and suggestions.

4. Highlight your staff, employees, and the people behind your brand.  This will personalize your business and make your customers feel like part of your company.

5. Share your thoughts on a conference you just attended, share a successful venture or sale, share customer testimonials.  Be candid and real in your posts.

6. Post popular, timely, trendy, hot topics from your industry.  By adding your own context, you become more relevant.  The more interesting your content the more likely someone will comment on it or share it.

7. Use visual content and videos as much as possible. We are a visual society.

8. Create social media images that are consistent and support your brand.  Use a set color scheme and fonts for all of your images so your brand is immediately recognized.

9. Support your vendors, partners, and outside associates and they will in turn support you.  Share links to expert advice, products or services that compliment yours. This type of engagement on your business page is crucial.  

10. Secretly follow your competitors, see how they are using Facebook to grow their business.


Building the engagement on your Facebook Business Page takes time.  Being you and posting consistently on your page is what will make your Business stand out on social media.  Remember, you can’t and shouldn’t even try to take the “social” out of social media.

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Alicia Friscia