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    In an effort to emphasize the custom-cabinetry work we do, we launched a separate page on Houzz. Working with local manufacturers such as Premier Custom-Built Cabinetry and Signature Custom Cabinetry along with others like Composit -which ships its product straight from Italy- has allowed us to offer our clients completely customizable designs. 

     On our new Houzz page, we have highlighted some of our completed projects that showcase examples of our best cabinetry work. On this page you are able to ask questions, contact designers or manufacturers, and schedule an appointment with Showcase Kitchens. To view the Showcase Custom Cabinetry profile, follow this link: Long Island Custom Cabinetry.

     To view the product lines we supply, click here: Showcase Custom Cabinetry

      In addition to the Houzz page, we have also created a Massapequa Home Facebook group. Massapequa Home is a place to share everything you love about home design and home improvement ideas or resources. Post your own before and after photos, ask for reccomendations, ask questions, get advice, share ideas, help each other and get to know your community. 

      Massapequa Home was created for the benefit of the south shore communities. It will not be used as a tool for Showcase and will not be used as a platform for sales. Additionally, we will only supply reccomendations if they are specifically asked for. For other business owners: Any advertisements must be made into a document or file and edited no more than one time a month. Business owners also may comment on posts seeking advice or reccomendations. 


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