2017 Kitchen Trends

As kitchen designers, we take inspiration from everything, including popular trends and features. Understanding these trends and popular styles is integral to our ability to provide you the best kitchen possible.

Earlier in 2017, Houzz came out with their United States Kitchen Trends Study, where they have analyzed various tendencies and changes in kitchen design and functionality.

Their studies have found a number of kitchen top kitchen features that are/are becoming popular for the upcoming year and beyond. Shown below, are some of the reported features that we at Showcase Kitchens found to be the most influential and important. The entire study can be found here.

Major Overhauls (among renovating homeowners):

·      36% of kitchens feature an increased size

·      20% are more open to the outdoors, and

·      51% are more open to the other rooms in the house. This stands to be at least a 3% increase from the previous year.

Top upgraded features (among renovating homeowners):

·      95% are upgrading countertops

·      90% are upgrading their backsplash

·      89% are updating their sink(s)

Most popular kitchen built-ins (among renovating homeowners)

·      Pantry cabinet additions have appeared in 41% of renovations

·      Islands have appeared in 40%, marking at least a 3% increase from last year

Kitchen Style (Among those renovating)

·      22% of those renovating their kitchens have chose a contemporary style, a 3% increase from last year

·      16% have opted for transitional, 5% less than last year

·      13% have opted for a traditional style

·      13% have chosen a modern style

Top colors in renovations:

·      Appliances: 72% have opted for stainless steel

·      Cabinets: 42% have opted for white, a 4% increase

·      Countertops: 33% have opted for multicolored, a 3% increase

·      Backsplash: 29% have opted for white, a 4% increase

·      Floors: 29% have opted for Wood-medium

·      Walls: 26% have opted for gray, a 4% increase

    Based on the data provided, it appears many people are going for more open, larger kitchens with updated countertops, backsplashes and sinks being the most popular upgrades. A contemporary style seems to have increased in popularity, as has the color white for many kitchen features. 

Alicia Friscia