Professional Interior Work Deserves Professional Photography

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We sat down with one of our photographers, Tim Cree, and asked him a few questions on why he believes it is important to hire a professional to photograph interior design work. Tim gave some great answers. Keep reading below to see what he has to say about professional interior photography!


Q: Why do you believe it is important to hire a professional photographer for interior shoots?

A: Designers and builders put a lot of time and effort into creating beautiful spaces. When a sub-par picture is taken to show the quality of work done, the poor quality of the picture takes over and makes the design itself look flawed. It is always more effective to show interiors using quality photographs that utilize proper lighting and technique. If the work that went into a project is professional, the way it is depicted should show it at its best.

Q: Do you use natural lighting, try to take photos at a certain time of day, or bring lighting with you?

A: Lighting is probably one of the most important aspects of shooting interiors. I personally shoot during daylight hours so that I can incorporate natural light, which I enhance with additional lighting that I always bring with me. Interiors are often designed with the windows in mind to light the space, I find it hard to show this with nighttime photography. By using the natural light provided by the windows I can accurately show the full impact of the intended design.

Q: What camera do you use and why did you pick it?

A: Being a relatively new photographer to interiors my equipment is always upgrading. As of now I am using a Canon 60D, a surprise to most for interiors because it is a crop sensor camera. Because of the crop sensor I have to use a specialty lens. I use this because it is a reliable camera that I can get a lot out of. I will be upgrading to the Canon 6D shortly. That is a full frame sensor camera that will give me a lot more versatility when shooting with the added bonus of sharper images.

Q: What made you get into photography? Did you start off photographing interiors or somewhere else and then went into photographing interiors?

A: I have always enjoyed the way a picture captures a moment in time. At the beginning of my photography journey I mostly did portraits of people. I always enjoyed shooting models, couples and families. After I moved to Long Island, I was presented with the opportunity to shoot some interior spaces for Showcase Kitchens. I was sold from the beginning and I’ve been doing much more interior shoots lately. I still photograph people but am finding that I lean more toward the amazing interiors that I have the opportunity to photograph.

Q: Do you find yourself, for example, when going out to dinner at a nice restaurant, wanting to photograph the interior simply because it is beautiful?

A: I definitely have a different view of interiors since I started photographing them. The design catches my eye much more now. I do find myself looking at the space thinking of how I would light it or what angles might look best. What I notice the most is the photographs that businesses use to display their space. Whether they are in the menu or on their website I tend to make a decision based more and more on the appearance of the photos alone. I’m sorry to say that sometimes it is all I need to decide if I am going to give them my business.

Q: What would be your best piece of advice for designers trying to capture their work?

A: My best piece of advice would be to hire a professional photographer. A lot of people think, “I have a great camera on my phone or I could just buy a nicer camera and do it myself.” That is like giving someone who isn’t an artist a really nice paintbrush and expecting a great painting. The truth is that it is not just the camera that makes a photograph great, rather it is the combination of lighting, angles, editing and of course artistry that brings life to the photograph. After all, you always want to show your work looking its best.

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Alicia Friscia