House' Best Kitchen Storage Ideas

dog bowl inside of  

Kitchens are often crowded with appliances, accessories, cooking materials, and the latest technology. Organizing, therefore, can be a stressful and overwhelming process, especially if you don't have a kitchen with massive amounts of storage space. There are, of course, design solutions that can help any home-owner organize and make the most of their kitchen. 

Houzz writer, Amber Hopman, has organized a list of some of the more popular storage solutions that users have found to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Though there are more than a few listed(link is external) solutions (and many more not listed), we have selected some of the more unique ones and discussed each one below:

1) Appliance garages: These allow you to free up counter space by supplying a convenient and inconspicuous storage area for the various appliances, accessories and technology that are common in many kitchens. We often incorporate this feature in many of our designs. They can be seen here.

2) Spice storage: Very useful for people who like to cook and have their materials nearby at all times. Rather than finding room for spice jars in cabinets or the pantry, this storage feature is specifically built for those who need one in their kitchen. At Showcase, we personalize each design to make sure they are tailored perfectly to the needs of each client. You can see our utilization of spice drawers in some of our designs, including in this traditional family kitchen or this sleek, transitional design

3) Wine storage: Not featured on Houzz' list, but wine refrigerators are popular among many of our clients. This appliance is must-have functional storage for wine connoisseurs. Wine refrigerators can be seen in many of our designs, as well as our Manhasset showroom.  

4) Pet features: Built-in pet features are an essential for many families with cats and dogs. Pet bowls built into kitchen structures, like those shown here, are unique features that can easily be incorporated into your personalized design. 

5) Creative solutions to corner drawers: Drawers can run diagonally, or fold outward to allow for maximum use of space. Without creative styles such as this, corner space typically remains under-utilized.

Alicia Friscia