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Following the Houzz 2017 Kitchen Trends post, we will also discuss trends in products and finishes in kitchens across the country. There are more than a few aesthetic and decorative options when it comes to cabinetry, storage, flooring, appliances, lighting and 'feel.' House' study has gauged the popularity of many of these, and some of their results are shown below: 

When it comes to cabinetry, custom options have remained the most popular, just as last year, with 40% of those renovating their homes having opted for them, though there has been a 4% dip. Semi-custom cabinets are a close second at 36% and the stock option sits at 10%.

Many renovating homeowners are opting for built in storage for their cabinets. 76% are choosing to do so to make more space, 56% want to make it easier to find things, and 49% want to reduce the amount of clutter. 

As far as the most popular storage upgrades go, pullout waste baskets top the list, followed by tray organizers and revolving corner trays.

A large majority of people renovating their homes are replacing at least one appliance in the process. Dishwashers, refirgerators and microwaves are the most popular upgrades, but gas range and cooktop installations are on the rise from last year. 

Lighting, often an underlooked aspect of the kitchen, also has its own trends in 2017. Functional lighting has been the most popular in recent renovation, as 71% have opted for undercabinet lights and 70% for recessed lights. Decorative choices, such as Pendant lights and Chandeliers follow at 58% and 23% respectively. 

Granite and Quartz lead the way for preferred countertop material (41% and 40% respectively), though younger home owners are more-readily opting for alternatives such as wood or concrete. 

Those homeowners who are updating their flooring are mostly choosing hardwood, ceramic or porcelain. Most people made their flooring decisons based on the look/feel, the durability or how easily it could be cleaned. 

To read the entire Houzz study, click here.  

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