Winter Storms and the Kitchen


  Being stuck at home during a snowstorm doesn't have to be a bad thing. Sure, it may be below freezing outside, your schedule might be ruined and you might end up shoveling snow for the better part of your day, but you'll also have the time to spend in your favorite room of the house - the kitchen. Instead of going straight for the leftovers from last night, try cooking something a bit more warm and comforting. Cooking up a hot meal in the serenity of your kitchen might be just what you need to make the cold weather just a bit more bearable. Now is the time to experiment and try out some of those 'winter' meals you've seen on tv that can warm you up on a cold day like today. 

     Some of the best winter recipes we've seen are featured here(link is external), on and can give you a great excuse to heat up your oven and get cooking. The best part is, most of these meals are low in calories, so you can eat in without the guilt. Here are some of our favories from the list:

"Garlicky Roasted Lamb with Parsley-Pistachio Gremolata

Try this recipe: Garlicky Roasted Lamb with Parsley-Pistachio Gremolata(link is external)

Warm up with this comfort food dish that tastes decadent without being extremely high in calories. Never heard of "Frenched" leg of lamb before? It just means that the meat, fat, and membranes have been removed from the exposed bone. Ask the butcher to do it for you.

Ingredients: Frenched bone-in leg of lamb, garlic, extra-virgin olive oil, black pepper, kosher salt, fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves, garlic, roasted salted pistachios, lemon zest

Calories: 313"

Pork Roast With Fennel and Apples

Try this recipe: Pork Roast With Fennel and Apples(link is external)

Pork roast is the ultimate cold-weather meal, and we love that this recipe puts your protein and vegetables on one platter. Toss a salad or make an easy whole-grain side (like quinoa or barley) and dinner is ready.

Ingredients: Demerara sugar, black peppercorns, bay leaves, apple cider, kosher salt, boneless pork loin, rosemary sprigs, black pepper, fennel seeds, carrots, apples, fennel bulbs, red onion

Calories: 311"

Alicia Friscia